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Bio-Energy, Scientific Research

Scientists, Physicians, Chemists, Biologists, Physicists, Psychiatrists and Psychologists from all over
the world have contributed to research into all forms of bio-Energy and related concepts.  Many
famous names of impeccable reputation in their field appear among the list of researchers.





In Yugoslavia Zdenko Domancic was using Bio-Energy very successfully.  Bio-Energy was
scientifically proven there using research carried out by Domancic with regard to a problem
relating to insufficient circulation in the lower extremities of a critically ill patient.  Having
witnessed the capabilities of Domancic, Dr. Josip Cicek, MD said “According to medical knowledge
the patient should have been dead within forty eight hours and yet not only is he alive but he is even
recovering.  Had anyone told me, I would not have believed them!  Either what I have been taught
for decades is wrong or else Zdenko Domancic has performed a miracle”
  Dr. Gajdobranski, M.D.
spent six weeks observing the treatment of thirty five of Domancic’s patients.  He documented
objectively, improvements visible to the skin and limbs – functional improvements e.g. the
disappearance of pain as well as other improvements supported by laboratory analysis and technical

Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom a specialist in radiology and the pioneer of the needle biopsy spent two
decades researching the bio electrical fields of the body. He published a book “Biologically closed
circuits, clinical, experimental and theoretical evidence for an additional circulatory system”
detailing his research.  His thesis is that the body contains a complex electrical system that
regulates the activity of the internal organs and is the foundation of health.

Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Robert Becker researched the bio electrical properties of the
body and concluded that the secret of regeneration lies in unifying the bio electrical properties of
the body.  He published his findings in a book called “The Body Electric”

Russian Scientist, Valentina Kirlian developed sophisticated electro-photographic equipment to
take pictures of living things radiating a bioluminescence, - said to be the radiation of living energy,
the electro magnetic fields.  He came to realise that these emanations were from a unified
biological energy field. 

The most recent research has been by Professor Valerie Hunt of UCLA.  This research is outlined
in her book “Infinite Mind”.  Professor Hunt used telemetry to measure the energy fields of the
body.  Telemetry had previously been designed especially for NASA and was used to measure the
astronauts physiological recordings of muscle and heart activity during the first manned space
trips.  Professor Hunt found that before brain wave was activated, before stimuli altered heart
rate, blood pressure or breathing, the energy fields had already responded.  She concluded that a
person’s primary response in their world takes place first in the energetic field and not in the
sensory nerves or in the brain.


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