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Colour and Light Therapy

Light is the only form of energy that we can see and we see it in the form of colour.  In fact our
most important energy source is light.  Light is important for life, whether human, animal or plant.   
Light enters the body mainly through the eyes and triggers hormone production which in turn
affects our health and wellbeing in very important ways. The entire colour spectrum that comes
from sun light (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) all have special healing qualities
that our bodies need.


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Modern science (physics) has confirmed that our body is made up of patterns of light and colour
energy.  Every cell, gland, muscle and organ of our body operates at the same frequency as one of
the light spectrum colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet).  Therefore colour is
essential to maintain balance in the flow of energy within and around your body.  If too much or too
little of any of these colours are present this may disturb your energy.  Remember once the flow
of your energy goes out of balance you begin to feel tired and sluggish.  Illness will result at a later
date especially if you delay in correcting this. 

Colour Therapists endeavour to restore the balance of colour energy in your body. 

There are special techniques used for doing this.

For instance, you will usually be asked about your predominant thoughts and feelings etc.

Following these assessments, colour is then employed to restore the balance in the colour energy of your
body.  One of my favourite systems is a highly specialised light and colour therapy system with handmade bio-
informed filters (developed by Scientists and Physicians in Switzerland more than 20years ago). 
Appropriate application using colours in various ways, restores the balance of colour energy. 

Only when the energetic balance in the body is restored can the activity and function of the body become optimal.

Some of the other popular ways we find colour used in the healing field include processes
concerned with colour breathing, colour meditations, the use of colour in clothing, décor
and food etc as appropriate.  With new awareness we are often able to bring 'greater colour awareness' to our
everyday lives in so many different ways to further support our health and vitality. 

Studies have been done with various groups of people, plants and animals showing the effects of the
different wavelengths of light e.g. colours.  The findings have been taken on by hospitals, prisons,
schools, industry, commence to name but a few with great effect and success on behaviour, healing
and health.


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